- DDS, MS graduated in dentistry from the University of Lisbon, Portugal,
- Postgraduate in Advanced General Practice in the University of Lisbon, 
- Postgraduate in Forensic Medicine in the Criminal Study Center in Madrid, Spain,
- Head of the Scientific Research and Dvelopment Department, White clinic, Lisbon,
- Active member of the Digital Dentistry Society,

- Currently doing curriculum in Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants in Zurich, Switzerland.


Advanced Wound Healing: how a biological approach and advanced technologies can dramatically improve wound healing and accelerate a physiological response?

Wound healing is a complex and fragile process, susceptible to interruption or failure that can lead to the formation of non-healing chronic wounds. Nevertheless wound care encourages, and speeds wound healing. 

Currently, there is some new technologies of biostimulation accelerating the healing process, reducing the swelling and inflammation and consequently the patient’s post-operative pain, thus obtaining an optimal healing result. Dr Ana Paz will present several case reports from orthodontics to complex surgeries. Dr Ana will also present her experience in the application of LLLT in facial aesthetics following the principals of wound healing.


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