- Dental Surgeon,
- Doctor of Sciences,
- Postgraduate Biology and biomaterials of the buccal and bone environment,
- Former Resident Chief Assistant,
- Post graduate in advanced clinical Orthodontics New York University.


Using Smilers® aligners in everyday multidisciplinary practice: implant space management and root movement control. Integral solutions and treatment planning

Clear orthodontic aligners are widely used worldwide by general practitioners to improve the quality of treatments and offer more options to patients for a better service.

The computer assisted technology, digital treatment planning, and the virtual teeth movement simulation accuracy allow the GP to do simple to moderate orthodontic treatments and expand the range of possibilities and options without patients leaving their chairs.

The latest innovations at Smilers® use a combination of CBCT, oral scan and photos for a optimum predictability of teeth movement including root inclination. An all in one software platform allows a complete simulation and treatment planning combining orthodontics, implants, prosthetic and even occlusodontics and TMD treatments.


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