- Graduate of the Faculty of Odontology of Toulouse,
- Degree of Oral Implantology - Lyon,
- Degree of Implantology Basal - Nice,
- Private exercise oriented overall rehabilitation: implantology, periodontics, adhesive dentistry and neuro-muscular dentistry.


Occlusion at the service of aesthetics: digital technology for reproducibility 

In recent years, the technology allows us great reproducibility in the planning of implants and whatever the difficulty of surgery. But as far as occlusion and aesthetics are concerned we are still carrying out with very dependent operator solutions. We achieve our goals often after repeated trial.

Recently, technology allows us to precisely determine a physiological and reproducible occlusion, in the service of aesthetic planning (and this through digital).

Through this presentation we will show you how we have made the best of scientific data, and how we use digital tools to make our results predictable and reproducible in order to focus on the patient and his well-being.


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