- Graduated in dentistry and dental prosthesis from Università degli Studi di Napoli in 1990,
- Specialized in conservative dentistry, implantology and prosthesis from the same university,
- Owner of a dental surgery clinic in Salerno (Italy) since 1991,
- Focused on implantology, prosthesis and laser dentistry in his daily clinical practice.


Integrating the Digital impression into general practice: why, how, for what results?

Nowadays, optical impression and digital flow make it possible to practice 100% digital prosthetic and orthodontic treatments. In the first part of this presentation, we will outline the protocols and clinical outcomes for tooth-borne, implant-borne prosthesis and removable prosthesis showing the differences and advantages over conventional methods.

Tooth-borne prosthesis:
- Inlays (1 case)
- Single-unit Crown (1 case)
- Bridge (1 case)

Implant-borne prosthesis:
- Single-unit screw-retained crown (1 case)
- Screw-retained bridge (1 case)
- Single-unit Crown on ISOPOST (1 case)
- Bridge on ISOPOST (1 case)
- Complete rehabilitation on ISOPOST (1 case)

Removable prosthesis:
- Digital flow from the optical impression - lab - Circle - Lucy
- Clinical cases

The second part will be dedicated to invisible orthodontics (Smilers®) by showing the totally digital chain from optical impression taking to completed cases. The advantages of this method as well as the ability to drastically reduce the length of treatment, with photobiostimulation (ATP38®) will be highlighted.
We will conclude by demonstrating the role of the optical impression and the digital chain in the organization of the dental practice and the evolution of general dentistry allowing to optimize the comfort of the patient & as well as the practitioner.


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