- Graduated in Dentistry in 2006 - University of Lisbon, Portugal,
- Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology - University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain,
- Postgraduate in Periodontology - ISCSEM, Portugal,
- Masters in Advanced Oral Surgery - ILAPEO, Curitiba, Brasil,
- Specialist in Oral Surgery - OMD, Portugal,
- Private Practice limited to Oral Surgery and Periodontology.


Emergence profile: prepared by the surgeon, designed by the prosthodontist, created by both

The Scientific literature indicates that the achievement of a good emergence profile is crucial in any given rehabilitation. However the idea of the perfect emergence profile is hardly a well-defined concept.
So, how can we predict if the available hard and soft tissue will provide a good emergence profile for the future rehabilitation? How can we maintain the perfect pink neck surrounding a tooth that is about to be extracted? Is the emergence profile managed equally in anterior and posterior cases? These and other questions will be approached during this presentation, in which the dos and don’ts of how to prepare the right emergence profile for an oral rehabilitation will be provided, along with detailed analysis of clinical cases.


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