- Board certified Specialist in Periodontology - Portugal,
- Guest Professor of the Postgraduate Programme in Periodontology (Egas Moniz University Institute - Portugal),
- Clinical Residency Program in Periodontology and Implant dentistry - Harvard University USA,
- Multidisciplinary approach for implant patients continuing education course - Harvard University USA,
- Private practice limited to Periodontology and Oral Surgery – Lisbon, Portugal.


Enhancing soft tissues in implant dentistry: Why, when and how ?

Soft tissues are nowadays, admittedly, a central factor in both the predictability of periodontal treatments and the success of implant-supported rehabilitations

In an era in which aesthetics have a growing weight in the perception of success by patients and clinicians, attention to the shape, volume, texture, distribution and health of soft tissues should be integrated into the treatment plan of the dentist. Aesthetics, health and even function, is increasingly closely linked with soft tissues. Emphasis will be placed not only on the prevention of peri-implant soft tissue defects, but also on the reconstruction of existing defects. Pedicle flaps, combined or not with connective tissue grafts, and the free gingival graft will be highlighted and especially detailed as central techniques in soft tissue manipulation. These techniques will be contextualized in the available scientific evidence and documented using clinical cases, highlighting their indications, contraindications and predictability of results.


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