- Former Teacher Master's Degree in Implantology, University of Ferrara,
- Former Teacher Master's Degree "Periodontology and Implantology", University of Marche,
- Author of books and scientific articles in the field of Periodontology, Prosthetics and Implantology,
- International team of Implantology (ITI) Fellow,
- Active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology,
- Private practice in Naples.


Implant therapy in periodontal patients: which clinical choices?

Implant therapy frequently is proposed in an indiscriminate way even for patients who have characteristics not favourable for the implant success in the medium to long term. We know that the most frequent cause of implant failure in patients older than 40 years is related to previous periodontal disease.
It is therefore necessary, before implants placement, to modify the periodontal risk profile (PRA) of our patients to avoid residual pockets, excessive smoking and bad plaque control. The implant placement must also be guided by the prosthetic project and by the biology, so as to reduce the risk of biological and technical complications. At the end of the treatment the patient will then have to respect the maintenance program which will include scheduled hygiene re-calls according to his characteristics and the risk profile.