- Graduate of Faculty of Dental Surgery of Clermont-Ferrand,
- Several postgraduate courses in implantology,
- Continuing training in Aesthetics, Mucogingival Surgery and Advanced Surgery,
- Clinical trainer in implantology "Mille Sourires du Maroc".


MY KLIP-UP: more than an impression transfer

During my first 10 years of practice, PICK UP impression was the generalized, reliable and validated technique.

The sessions of multi-unit posterior impression were not always simple, punctuated with many pharyngeal reflex, fall of screwdrivers and screws due to saliva, or impression trays pulled off in panic with transfers more or less well re-positioned.
The KLIP UP, an UDO (Unidentified Dental Object) in the world of the silicone impression, allows us to realize all our implant impressions.
In the digital age, the KLIP UP still has its place.
The purpose of this presentation is to open the toolbox that has been developed by changing its use from its original purpose:
- To parallelise the implant placement,
- To record an occlusion,
- To stabilize wax models,
- To make the aesthetic test session more interactive,
- To realize our GBR,
- To manage the delay and immediate loading.

It's up to you to find his interest in your daily practice!


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