- Post-graduate in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation by the Higher Institute of Health Sciences – North, Porto, Portugal 
- Specialist in Oral Surgery, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
- Fellow of the European Board of Oral Surgery 
- Specialist in Oral Surgery 
- Assistant Professor of Oral Surgery, Higher Institute of Health Sciences – North, Porto, Portugal 
- Professor of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine, Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal 
- Founding Member of the Portuguese Society of Oral Surgery
- Scientific Director of Maxillaris Portugal Magazine


FOUR LOAD CONCEPT – Fixed rehabilitation of atrophic jaws with no bone grafts 

The “Four Load” is a concept of implant rehabilitation of the totally edentulous maxilla and mandible, using only 4 implants in each jaw, providing an immediate fixed prosthesis. The main advantage of this technique is avoiding bone grafts even in cases of severe resorption. The 4 implants are inserted using this principles: 2 straight anterior implants and 2 posterior tilted implants, avoiding the sinus in the maxilla and the mental foramen in the mandible. By doing this, we can have anterior bone anchorage in both jaws, taking advantage of using the zones where we can find better bone quantity and quality. By tilting the posterior implants, the cantilever is minimized so we can do an immediate function protocol providing the patient with a fixed bridge at the same day of the surgery. This presentation will focus on the main principles and advantages of the concept not forgetting the most important issue for the best final result – the treatment planning.


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