- Dental Surgery degree - Universidad Central de Venezuela

- Associate Professor at the Chair of Dental Aesthetics - Universidad Central de Venezuela

- Secretary of the Metropolitan Board of Dentistry - Venezuela

- Master Degree in Dental Prosthesis, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry - Universidad Europea de Madrid

- Visiting professor - Universidad Europea de Madrid

- Active member of the Digital Smile Design company


The Digital Smile Design evolution in guided implantology

Digital Smile Design is a concept developed by Brazilian dentist and dental technician Christian Coachman. It is a concept that starts with the realization of the ideal smile design for the patient based on the ideal aesthetic canons adapting to each patient, in this way we can present to the patient how his result will be before starting the treatment.


The DSD is more than a design tool, its main application is in the detailed multidisciplinary planning of clinical cases and interdisciplinary communication between the different dental specialties. Nowadays, with the great advances in digital dentistry, we can achieve these design proposals in a very  predictable way. In this opportunity we will explain the workflow, the importance of a facially guided implantology and the advantage of using this concept to obtain more satisfactory, predictable and better results.


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